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The presence of Salmonella species in environmental samples and in ready to eat foods is considered to be unsatisfactory and potentially injurious to health regardless of the level of contamination.


The genus Salmonella is a type of Gram-negative bacteria belonging to Enterobacteriaceae.


The genus Salmonella consists of two species, including Salmonella enterica and Salmonella bongori, of which Salmonella enterica can be further subdivided into six subspecies.


Salmonella can also be further subdivided into more than 2,500 serotypes based on the presence of specific surface molecules such as O-antigen (O-Ag) and H-antigen (H-Ag).


Differences in the classification of Salmonella serotypes can affect not only their host specificity, but also their characteristics such as metabolic, physiological and virulence.

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Source- Wikipedia commons

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