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Onsite water treatment services

Onsite Services

Using our fully trained technicians as well as partnering with third party professionals, Stansted Laboratories can offer many onsite services from water sampling to full system decontamination.

Please see below for more information.


Tap water sampling

Domestic Water Sampling

Our trained technicians can take samples from all water points and tanks in your setting, collected in laboratory grade bottles the samples are then returned to our testing facility for microbiology and chemistry analysis.

Water tank cleaning

Water Tank Cleaning

Over time, water storage tanks can become contaminated with debris creating a risk of a bacterial outbreak.  Please contact us for testing and treatment options. 

water temerature moitoring

Water Temperature Monitoring

Bacteria and pathogens can flourish in water that is stored in pipework and tanks at the incorrect temperature.  Our technicians can accurately monitor this temperature and take water samples  to check for any breaches.

Tap descaling services

Tap and shower descaling

Overtime, the build up of limescale can seriously effect your systems performance and cleanliness.  Please contact us for more information.

Heating boiler

Heating Systems

Heating systems can build up with sludge and contaminates over time, this can lead to spikes in bacterial numbers. Please contact us for testing options. 

Water Testing Kit

System Disinfection

In new or contaminated water systems, a full disinfection or chlorination may be necessary. Please contact us for more details.


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